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We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to write, publish and sell their work.

Tickety Boo Ink provides you with all the tools you need to become the author you have always wanted to be without any previous experience.


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Getting into print is just the start of your journey.

For over 20 years we have been helping individuals get on the net, now it’s your turn.  As a writer you need to use the internet to showcase your work.

Now you can and with no IT experience required. 



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It’s the big question, how do I get noticed?

As soon as you subscribe to any of our marketing packages you get instant access to the Authors Hub.

The Authors Hub is a resource centre that explains everything you need to know about publicising your work. The Hub is growing every day with tools and advice to help you sell your book.


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As a writer you understand the process of creation.

Now you can share your creativity with even more people than ever before.

Getting into print has never been easier.


We Believe Self Publishing Should be Available to Everyone



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