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Tickety Boo Ink have made the process of getting your book published easier than ever.

You can get into print with an easy order process or customise your book just the way you want it.

It’s your book and you can have exactly what you want with no fuss.


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Publicising Your Book

As soon as you subscribe to any of our website packages you get instant access to the Authors Hub.

The Authors Hub is a resource centre that provides you with everything you need to know about publicising your book.

The Hub is growing every day with tools and advice to help you.





It's Your Book

Selling your own books with Tickety Boo Ink means you do not have to share the profits from your work.

We charge no commission on your sales, yes that’s right 0%, zero, zip, nada!

Print your books, publicise them, sell them and keep all the profits.



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Build a Fanbase

We all have favourite authors and you will be on someones list.

So when you have something to share, offer or announce you need to speak to your fans first.

You are a professional author, now you can have all the professional publishing tools as well.


We Believe Self Publishing Should be Available To Everyone




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