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Our Beliefs


We believe in giving all authors the ability to write freely in their own words, publish all of their work unedited or censored, to keep all the profits from the sale of any book or work they have completed and be recognised for their talent.

We are striving to help as many authors, writers and freelancers who work in the writing field to be recognised and get a fair return for their talent.


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Getting Published


The vast majority of writers will never see their work in print so long as publishing houses edit, control and censor writers work. Even when an author is published they are subject to these controls and then will only receive a fraction of the final retail price for their work. We feel this needs to change.

So, we guarantee to publish your book and then help you market and sell it. We take no commission or royalties from any sale, ever! You will only pay your website subscription, the cost of your book production and any charge from a card company for using a card payment system.



Our Ethics

Tickety Boo Ink is built with the same high quality software as all of the websites that are available through our service. We are constantly improving our services and functionality to ensure you get the very best service. 

We believe that our strong ethical policy should not only extend to our software, so our policies extend to our in-house teams, our suppliers, our environment and of course the amazing range of writers, authors and freelancers.


 Ethical Policy


Who Are We?

Tickety Boo Ink was created by a team of people who have been working with Tickety Boo IT. Many of the team are keen amateur authors who work constantly with professional authors and freelancers, so it has been a common question; how can we help authors and freelancers get a better deal? From this enthusiasm came Tickety Boo Ink.    

The team have been developing websites and working with Google for over 17 years so are perfectly placed to provide the IT backbone for Tickety Boo Ink. Those skills backed by an unparalleled level of support from authors, freelancers and professional printers is paving the way for true writer freedom.



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