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Benchmark Social Posts

One expert post, created specifically for your business and published to two of your social platforms every week day. Written by social media professionals.

All published when your customers are most active on your media.


From Only £110pm


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Facebook Growth Plan

Facebook posts specifically created for your business.

One post every week day on your Facebook page.

£70 worth of Facebook targeted adverts each month.

Grow your Facebook page audience by 200+ per month.

Includes Post Boosts and a Facebook Competition every month on your page.


Only £285pm 


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LinkedIn Lead Generation


We'll contact 2,000 of your ideal customers every month via your LinkedIn profile.

One expert profile handwritten post every day to your profile.

Connect with 700 - 1200 new prospects each month. 

Only £325pm .      *LinkedIn Navigator required


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Instagram Growth Plan


Hand crafted relevant post every day - no bots.

Targeting of your ideal customers.

Gain up to 1000 relevant followers every month.

Build a real following of people interested in your business.

Each new follower gets a personal message from you.


Only £285pm


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Automated Social Posting 

Posting to all your social platforms every day can take a lot more of your time than you would like.

Now you can post to all of your social platforms directly from your website control panel. With the added benefit of scheduling, it makes life a lot easier.

The social manager allows you to see when you have been mentioned on social media or when someone sends you a message.


From Only £20pm


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Tickety Boo Analytics

The more you know about your business the stronger your business will be.

Tickety Boo Analytics tells you everything at a glance, from your website visits, your social media metrics to all of your advertising reports.

It includes your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Instagram to name a few.


From Only £12pm


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