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You are a talented writer

So get someone talented in websites and marketing to build your website



All Built for you

A wise man once said, I do my thing and I let other people do their thing.

Your talent is writing. Our talents are in websites and marketing. So let us put your website, online store and setup together for you.

We are happy to do all the techie stuff, you just have to give us your content. You can change anything at anytime, or just message us and we will do it for you.

It's so simple and it is our most popular option.

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Unlimited Everything

We do not believe in charging for extras, so everything is unlimited.

No page limits, bandwidth limits, support limits or limits on the number of items in your shop.

We want you to prosper, so we do everything we can to help.




Adobe Images

We have teamed up with our friends at Adobe to bring you some great images.

Using good images on your website will help you look great and attract new readers.

Simply look through the millions of images on Adobe Stock and select what you would like.

We will then take care of everything.

Your words and professional images, perfect.





Market Like you Mean it

There are many ways you can publicise your books.

Our marketing plans do not just include an online shop and website to sell your books, they include all the tools you need to publicise your books.

You will also get exclusive access to our marketing hub where you can learn everything you need to successfully publicise your book.

Now everything you need is available in one place.

Just Epic Support 

To grow your circulation you need more than just a website.

We include everything to a professional level, with no limits as standard.



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We Understand Marketing

and we've got a plan for you!

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