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When you Need Everything Just so

Sometimes, when you want to showcase your new book, you need something a bit special.

That's fine.  We would love to help.



Bespoke Websites

When you want to have a website that perfectly shows your style or has functionality that meets your requirements we are here for you.

Our bespoke team have 20 years of experience building websites, developing ordering processes, building mobile Apps and syncing AI software.

A bespoke website will give you everything you want and a whole lot more.


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Custom Shop

As your readership grows you may not want to sell just books, you may have book tours or additional merchandise you want to add to your website.

It may be that you want something just a bit special which shows you as the author you are.

Whatever your needs our bespoke team will be happy to give you the online presence you want.




Advanced Technology

As your sales grow it will become vitally important to know just who your readers are, where they are, what their habits are and what they are looking for.

Tickety Boo Ink offer Advanced technology that will enable you to publicise your books like never before.

Know your readership, engage with them about the things they like.

Give up guessing.


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Established Authors

As an established author your readers will want to know more about you. When the next book is coming, hints about story lines, character backgrounds and a whole lot more.

Engaging with your readers will enable you to share the information you want to but you will also increase your readership.

As you grow it’s good to know we can provide everything you need.


Just Epic Support 

To grow your circulation you need more than just a website.

We include everything to a professional level, with no limits as standard.



Publish Your Book

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