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The freedom to write has been with us for many years, but we believe that there are still too many restrictions on an author's ability to publish their work. Our focus is to give as many writers as possible the ability to write and express themselves without editorial, financial or personal restrictions.

We hope that Tickety Boo Ink will encourage the art of writing, allow authors to be rewarded for their talent and find a few hidden masters. 


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writing freely

Marketing Your Work

Tickety Boo Ink is one of the Next Generation of Websites which has been specifically developed for authors and writers.

More than just a simple website where you can showcase your work, Tickety Boo Ink gives you a powerful marketing suite and a platform to sell all of your work to anyone, anywhere with no commission fees.


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Just Rewards

As every published author knows the majority of the retail price does not go the the author, it will go to the retailer, publishing house etc. You can, of course, self publish and there are many great publishers out there, but you still have to sell your book.

Tickety Boo Ink will give you the ability to sell your books for the full retail price. This will significantly improve your revenue from your book sales and, of course, you have complete control of the whole process.


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Recognised For Talent

When your readers have read your work and enjoyed it, there is little doubt they will want to read more. So, by giving your readers a website that displays your other work and notifies them of new work when it is published you will be able to grow your fanbase and increase your sales and recognition as an author.

It is easier to sell your books to current readership than get new readers.


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Main Features

An Authors Website

Your own stunning easy to build website, designed specifically for authors

Fanbase CRM

Stay connected to your readers with a state of the art fan base manager, never forget a fan again!

Sell Your Books

Sell all your books online with no commission charges, with your own authors eCommerce website

Professional Setup

To make life easier one of our team will help you get everything you need up and running


Let everyone know what you are doing with an easy to use professional email newsletter


Our plans have unlimited pages, images, content, products, bandwidth and great support

Site Builder

One of our professional designers can build your site for you, then just make a thank you donation!

Google G-Suite

Use business class email and Google G-Suite to power your writing and connections

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