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Writing your first book isn’t always a walk in the park; but neither is writing your second.

There are a few things you may need to be aware of when writing your second book. These things should not be enough to deter you from writing it. A second book can be a sequel or just a completely separate book. This gives people more intention of returning and reading your book; as well as giving new readers the intention of becoming a loyal reader. 


Switch between books

When writing your second book, you will have to keep going between books. There is no doubt that you will forget parts of your first book that you want to, or need to, reference in your second book. Switching between books and reminding yourself of these parts is inevitable.


The same obstacles

Following on from this; your second book will be just as hard as your first but in completely different ways. Whilst you will have already had experience in writing a book, this does not mean it’s easier the next time around. It will still be as challenging and time-consuming as writing your first book. You will more than likely have to overcome the same obstacles; so try to maintain that hard outer shell you built up when writing your first book.


Writing a second book expands your knowledge and writing collection


Improved writing skills

However, you will have improved as a writer. You will have learnt a lot, and even though you still have a lot to learn; this will help significantly. When writing your first book you will have not known anything that you know now. Keep everything you’ve learnt in mind and use this to better your writing experience.


Already know your audience

After writing your first book, you will truly know your audience. You can truly decipher between those who will be loyal readers and those who won’t be, and target those loyal readers. This targeting can be within your book or simply within the promotion of your book. Either way, you know your true audience and you won’t be in the dark when trying to target an audience.


If you are thinking of writing a second book; go for it! Don’t let anything stop you, nothing stopped you writing your first book so why should anything stop you writing your second? It will simply take patience, ingenuity and time. But this can be said for your first book, too.

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