Writing an Introduction to your Book


The introduction to your book will more than likely make or break it.

People have made the decision to buy your book; they come to read it, but find the introduction is not enough to gain their attention and motivate them to continue reading. How can this be avoided?


1. Create questions

Your introduction needs to create questions. You need your readers to think, what will happen next? Or, why did that happen? Is it significant? If your introduction makes your readers think these questions, they will more than likely want to find the answers. These answers can only be found by continuing to read.


2. Don't give everything away

Don’t tell your readers everything in the first few pages. If you do, there’s little point in them carrying on reading as they know everything there is to know. Leaving a mystery gives readers a reason to continue reading. The added mystery will simply make the readers want to keep on reading to find out what happens next.


3. Keep your voice consistent

It is crucial you keep your voice consistent past your introduction. Everything mentioned within your introduction needs to either be solved or consistent. Put simply, if your main character, in the introduction, was born in England but further on in the book states they were born in America - you are not being consistent with the introduction.


The introduction is essentially the first few pages or even the first chapter. Whatever you deem to be the introduction, you need to get it exactly right. There are certain elements you may want to include, but there are also some that you need to include.


With an introduction that fails to grab the reader’s attention and motivate them to continue reading; the reputation of your book, and potentially you, is likely to decline


For readers to feel it is worth it spreading the word about your book, it needs to be good. If your readers were, perhaps, disappointed with the introduction to your book and do not continue reading, they are less likely to recommend your work and continue reading your work.

A good book introduction can affect you in two different ways. Positively, being that your book is extremely well received and attention grabbing. Negatively, being that your books introduction wasn’t enough to motivate them to continue reading so they put your book down.


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