Writing a Blurb that Sells


A blurb is one of the main elements of your book that will help it sell.

That’s why it’s essential to get it right.

When writing a blurb, there are a few key features you need to remember to include. One of these key features is to ensure you do not give away any spoilers; simply refer to the generic outline of your book.


Give context

Blurbs often begin with the context of your book, such as a problem the main character is facing. The first sentence of your blurb needs to be attention grabbing. The aim of your first line is to make the reader of your blurb become the reader of your book. You can write what you want in your first line; you could introduce your main character, a setting, or anything. It is entirely up to you, as long as it is eye-catching and unique.


Don't lie

Don’t be misleading in your words. If you are somewhat misleading in what you write in your blurb, those who go on to read your book may be disappointed and their view of you as a writer could potentially change. This may affect you if they leave negative reviews or if they simply do not continue supporting you. Make sure that what you write on your blurb is a 100% accurate representation of what they can expect in your book.


Don't give it all away

Whatever you do, do not give it all away. If you give away all the details in your blurb; what is the point of people picking it up to read the full book? Make sure you keep a sense of mystery; make those reading it want to know what happens next straight away, which would mean purchasing your book!


Your blurb is potentially the most vital section on the cover of your book; make sure it is perfect.

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