World Book Day


World Book Day is a celebration of Authors. A celebration of you!

From the get go, World Book Day has had one aim; to encourage everyone to read and explore their imagination. World Book Day is there to help recognise the talent of authors and celebrate their excellent work.  

Each year, millions of book tokens are sent out to children and young people. This book token can then be utilised in a local bookstore to buy one of ten exclusive books.

This encouragement of reading should be a motivation and encouragement for authors to write. It may be possible that one year your book gets the recognition it deserves on World Book Day - but without writing it, you’ll never know. World Book Day is there to serve one purpose, to make people recognise and acknowledge the amazing work that has been produced by some amazing authors.


World Book Day is there to celebrate authors and their hard work


Working hard to produce the book you have always dreamt of publishing will pay off. Allow World Book Day to motivate and encourage you; just like the aim of the day is to encourage people to read more.

Do not let procrastination take over, one day you may look back and regret never finishing the book you started. Or, you may regret never starting that book you had planned for months. One day, people may be reading your book on World Book Day, encouraging others to read it too.

There is no better day to finish or begin writing your book. Start today!

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