Why You Need a Blog as an Author


One of the best ways to connect with people is by sharing your knowledge and showing them your talent. Having a blog is an easy way of sharing your acquired knowledge and expertise. You need a blog as an author as a way of building up your credibility and building people's trust in you. 


Your blog showcases your talent


As an author, your blog needs to be based around topics that are relevant to you and that you know your potential readers are going to enjoy. Give your readers something to discuss and talk about; give them conversation points and encourage them to communicate their thoughts and feelings on the topic in question.

Straight away, a blog builds up your persona and value; it shows your website visitors that you harbour advanced writing skills. If people are interested in your blog writing, it may spark an interest in your actual writing.

Portraying your value simply enables people to start to put their trust into you. This trust can be conveyed in different ways; whether it be buying your work, being a loyal reader of your blog, communicating with you, giving reviews and feedback, etc. Trust works in very unique ways and it’s a matter of noticing when readers begin trusting you and providing that extra something to make them feel welcomed.


Build your branding and credibility, all with a simple blog


Having a blog as an author is a great way to build and develop your brand as you can pick up quirky elements on all your blog posts, ranging from your particular voice or message, closing signatures, slogans, a particular theme (e.g. colour), and so on. If any of these elements are repeated they will slowly become your brand and become what people recognise you for. You need to share content that matters to you and your visitors; whilst also subtly injecting your “brand” voice and message whenever you can.

You should know by now that having a blog is very important and can be extremely advantageous as an author. If you're still unsure about the benefits, you can read more on why you need a blog as an author over on our Marketing Hub, available for all our subscribers. 


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