Why we Do What we Do


At Tickety Boo Ink, we believe in giving authors the well deserved opportunity to publish their books with no loss of control or revenue.

When taking the traditional publishing route, authors often find themselves in a pursuit of loss, whether it be editorial, design, layout, etc. Traditional publishing most often than not equates to having some sort of loss. This loss seems pretty unfair to us; which is why we wanted to promote an easy, self publication route that ensures you don't lose anything. 

For many, book publishing is a dream that may never be fulfilled due to the ordeal of traditional publishing. We want to change this.


We want to enable every writer to fulfil the dream of publishing the book they've written.


We want to give them the chance to do it by themselves and give them the freedom they truly deserve for a book publication. We make our publishing process easy and simple, allowing every author publishing through us to do it as they please.

We do all of this because it's a passion of ours to give authors equal opportunities and give them the rights to what they want. We believe in every author doing what they want to do, writing the book they want to write, publishing it how they want and owning a website for their use. 

Tickety Boo Ink makes it so a dream becomes a reality. 

Tickety Boo Ink

We believe in an Authors Freedom


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