Why Should you Write a Book?


The reasons behind writing a book can sometimes become blurred or unclear. However, there are plenty of reasons as to why you should write a book. Reasons range from it being therapeutic, being your life dream, and so on. 

So, why should you write a book? 


It's a form of therapy

Writing a book will allow you to learn more about yourself as you write. You'll take inspiration from your own life and you will get a chance to reflect on life events. This time to reflect will enable you to grow and understand your roots and why you are the person you are.


You may help someone else

Once you've published your book, your writing has the potential to reach and inspire people. Your writing and knowledge could help people in ways you didn't think it could. Writing can impact people's lives in such great ways; so write that book!


Your book will outlive you

Simple as that. Your name will forever be on that book cover and your words will remain; even after hundreds of years. Your book will always be an anecdote to your life. Whether it reaches a few people, or thousands of people, they will continue to recognise your name.


Writing a book is the best way to express yourself


You're tackling a new challenge

When you write your first book, you're leaving your comfort zone and tackling a challenge. Pushing your own boundaries and leaving your comfort zone can make you grow as a person. This growth will go on to allow you to achieve anything you want to achieve.


Your authoritative status

A sense of authority can be established through the process of writing a book. More people will begin to hear your name and recognise you as an author. Being recognised as an author has the ability to improve your everyday life, as well as your business-led life.


Of course, some of these reasons may not actually be relevant to you. Everyone has different reasons as to why they should write a book, but these reasons are generally the ones authors have when it comes to knowing why they should write a book.

If you're unsure on why you should write a book, or are unsure on whether to write one, listen to these reasons! They are indicative of what you can achieve through writing a book. 

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