Why Self Publish?


A stigma once surrounded the idea of self publishing.

However, this has dramatically changed and self publishing can sometimes be seen as superior to traditional publishing. The choice to traditionally or self publish is wholly a personal preference. The arguments between choosing to traditionally or self publish are never ending. So, why self publish? 


You keep all creative control when self publishing

Self publishing allows you to maintain your creative control; all of it. When traditionally publishing, you run the risk of having your creative control taken away from you. You will more than likely lose the rights to your book, along with losing the author’s voice you created. This loss of control will prove unappealing to a large number  of authors as they simply want to publish the book they wrote without having someone alter it. Self publishing eliminates this unappealing element.


You may not get your book in bookstores across the country

Self publishing may mean you do not manage to sell your books in bookstores across the country. It is highly likely that those authors who traditionally publish will prove more popular in regards to being sold in bookshops. However, those who self publish are still able to sell their books in bookshops by having an ISBN. Whilst it may not be across the country, it is still in a bookshop for people to see.


When you self publish, you get the freedom you deserve


Self publishing allows you to create a niche

If you are producing a book that is targeted towards a limited market self publishing can be the way. This limited market can be your family, a niche market you know exactly how to target, or many more. If you have a small target audience, it can be easier and quicker to self publish; choose how many books you want printing and publish your book the way you, or your target audience, want it.


Traditional publishing can be frustrating

Traditional publishing can be frustrating. Many authors may have to deal with a lot of rejection before they manage to publish their book. This rejection from traditional publishers can create frustration and cause a lack of confidence within your work. Self publishing eliminates this. If you choose to self publish, you will never have to deal with rejection. 


Choosing whether to self or traditionally publish is entirely a personal preference. Knowing why you should self publish will help you determine what route is best for you. The benefits and drawbacks of each should be taken into consideration; as well as the differences between both of them. These differences are very clear and prominent in regards to what you may be gaining or losing when it comes to choosing what route you want to follow.

Self publishing simply allows you to keep full creative control, earn more rewards, publish as many or as few books as you want, and much more.

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