What to Know When Writing a Book 


Have you ever thought about writing a book? Have you ever thought about what you need to know when writing a book? 

There are certain things you should know when writing a book, as they may affect your writing or the process you take when you're writing. You need to know and understand the logistics of writing a book; of what journey you're about to embark on. So, here's what to know when writing a book...


Your first draft won’t be your last draft

When writing a book, you will more than likely write a multitude of drafts until you are happy. This being said, be sure to experiment. Treat your first few drafts as drafts to experiment with your writing techniques and different elements within your book. Having these experiment drafts allows you to find your voice and see what direction you’d like your book to go.


You need to have a clear structure and plot

Once you have experimented, be sure to get your story architecture the way you desire it to be. Have a clear structure and plot. Writing a book is not as simple as stringing a story together and hoping it gets published; it is much more. You need to know that your book needs to have a fully functioning, unique plot. You need to have a structure that is explicit and obvious.


You will need to research into publishing options

When you begin the process of writing your book, you need to know about the vast amount of publishing options before you complete your book. Knowing all your options allows you to think about the option best suited for you and which route you would like to follow. If you are aware of all these options, the process from finishing your book to finding a way to publish it is made much easier.


Writing is the journey you have to face when wanting to reach the end goal


When you're writing a book, the book is your end goal. The book is the outcome you want to reach. Without writing, you're never going to actually reach this outcome. This is exactly why you need to know and understand the fundamentals of writing a book, so you know what journey you're taking and what you'll need to do to reach your end goal. 

Writing a book is not as easy as people think it to be. There are many aspects to it that you need to ensure you have a clear understanding of. Without this clear understanding, you may struggle and not know where to even begin.

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