Being an Ink Author


You're more than an author when you're an author with Tickety Boo Ink.

Being an author with Tickety Boo Ink means being free. It means earning the rightful revenue, publishing the book you want to publish, owning a unique authors website, and so much more.

Everyday we see an increase in aspirational authors. We also see an increase in rejections from traditional publishing companies. But what happens when authors don’t receive a rejection and bag a contract from a publishing company? Often, loss of control begins straight away. It starts at editorial control and ends with constant monetary control due to the nature of traditional publishing companies. Overall, we believe that the traditional publishing route simply takes away all the freedom authors deserve.


However… we're here to reinvent book publication for all authors out there.


With Tickety Boo Ink, we believe in easy, simple publication that gives all authors the freedom to do what they want, when they want and how they want. Being an author with Tickety Boo Ink means worries about rejection no longer exist. It means there’s absolutely no loss of control, no monetary control, no one to answer to other than yourself. You get to do everything the way you want it done.

Here at Tickety Boo Ink we strive to make every individual get the best experience they can with us. It’s about ensuring every author gets the most out of their book, and keeps all the rewards from the hard work they put in.

We take nothing away from an author, apart from the worry surrounding editorial and publisher control.

Tickety Boo Ink

We believe in an Authors Freedom


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