What does Tickety Boo Ink mean?


To us, Tickety Boo means fulfilment. Our main wish is to fulfil others wishes. We hope to give everyone the chance to achieve their dreams.


The definition of Tickety Boo is ‘being in good order’


Tickety Boo Ink means equal opportunities. It means giving everyone the chance to do what they want. We believe in giving every writer out there the opportunity to publish and promote the book they want to.

Nowadays, it's tougher than ever to get your book published. The process authors have to go through is enough to discourage them immediately. This is exactly why we decided we wanted to help authors get published, with no misleading processes and no loss of control. 

Tickety Boo Ink means not worrying about losing your ever so unique author voice. It means no one removing vital parts of your book. It means having your book the way you want it. It means keeping all the money you earn from sales. It means you being in control, being your own boss. It means having your own unique website to publicise your hard work. It means remaining yourself, throughout the whole publishing process.


Tickety Boo Ink means freedom


We created Tickety Boo Ink to give every author what they want; freedom to publish. With Ink, you simply customise and choose the style book you want, how many pages, how many books, and so on; and that's it! You've printed and published your book. It's then a matter of showcasing your book and talent on your very own website with Ink.

Publishing your book is easier than ever with Tickety Boo Ink.

Tickety Boo Ink

We Believe in an Authors Freedom


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