What do Writers Need to Make a Living?


Writing for a living, to some, may seem impossible. It may seem like something that just can’t be done; but, chances are, the people who think like that aren’t writers / authors. But what do writers need to make a living?



You need to be passionate. You need to inject passion into everything you do as a writer; including the most obvious, writing. To make a living, your writing needs to indicate that you’re extremely passionate about writing, especially the topics you’re covering in your work. The more passion you inject and come across as having, the more interesting and engaging your work will actually seem. If people share an interest in the passion, they will feel an instant connection with you and will more than likely have a positive attitude towards you.  



As a writer, confidence isn’t always something that comes naturally and / or easily. Writers and authors fail to believe in their own work and see the worth of it. However, confidence is actually good. Confidence helps you sell yourself. It helps you see your worth. It actually helps people have confidence within you. If you have a lack of confidence, it will be obvious. A lack of confidence will automatically inject a lack of confidence within your target audience.


To make a living as an author, you need to radiate confidence 



When it comes to any profession, you’ve got to have some sort of discipline and sense of productivity. You need to make sure you have a strict schedule and stick to it. Without any discipline, you more than likely won’t get done what you need to get done. It’s very important to be disciplined and strict on yourself to get tasks done. The more productive you are, the better you’ll perform in the long run. Writing can be something a lot of authors procrastinate and try to avoid doing but this will not help you progress towards any goals you’ve set. The only way you’re going to reach your goals as an author is to be disciplined and work hard.


Willing to market

As an author, you’ll eventually venture out of the description of just being an author. Soon enough, you’ll have to get into the brain of a marketer and promote your work. This is where the actual making a living part comes into play because it’s all about promoting your work to get it noticed by people who will purchase it. You will have to create a marketing strategy that enables you to promote your book in a unique way that will attract your target market and engage their interest. Essentially, you’re going to be marketing yourself too so it’s important to remember that marketing and promotion isn’t always about trying to sell your book. You need to create meaningful connections with people and build up relationships in hopes to turn audience members into readers.


Being able to effectively combine all these factors and shape your personality and author life around them will ensure in definite popularity and connections. People will see the passion and time you put into being an author and automatically feel confident in you and your writing. This will then make it much easier to build connections and relationships with people as they have trust in you and will have the desire to connect with you. As a result of all of these efforts, you'll begin to make a living from your writing. 


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