What Challenges do Authors Face?


Writing a book is no walk in the park. Authors will face challenges every single day when they're writing, it's completely normal. It's good to know what challenges authors face in order to understand what common obstacles you may come across eventually. So, what challenges do authors face?


Having confidence in your book

This may be one of the toughest challenges authors face. Often authors are modest and do not appreciate their own work. This could be derived from any rejection they have received from publishers and editors along the way once they have completed their book. Otherwise, this lack of confidence could simply be derived from a misbelief in your skills as an author. A lack of confidence can hinder publication.


Potentially losing control

When traditionally publishing, you lose control of your author’s voice. An editor and a publisher have the right to edit your book in ways they think are more suitable and suited to their publishing house. This can run the risk of altering your book in ways you don’t want it altering; therefore, you lose control of your book and what is in it.


All authors have to face and overcome some challenges along the way


Finding motivation

A big challenge in anyone’s life is finding the motivation to do something. For authors, it’s finding the motivation to complete or begin their book. Writing is not just a hobby for authors, it’s a dream. In order for their dream to be fulfilled, they need to write their book. Finding motivation to write their book may be extremely difficult at times; but completely worth it in the end.


Negative feedback

Whilst getting feedback is the most important thing you can do when writing your book; negative feedback can sometimes create concern. As an author you naturally want everyone to enjoy reading your book, however not all people will love it the first time they read it. Try to take negative feedback into consideration and alter what people think needs to be altered if you feel it will improve your writing. Negative feedback is simply constructive criticism; take it on board and listen to others.


Being an author can sometimes prove challenging. These challenges can prove difficult to overcome, but once you have defeated each little challenge heading your way, you can improve your writing and perseverance as an author and produce the best writing you can produce.

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