Ways To Become A Good Writer


A good book comes from a good writer.

There are many specific ways you can ensure you are a good writer; good enough to produce a great book. A few ways are listed below:


Using simple but compelling sentences

Your sentences need to be clear and concise, as well as being compelling. They need to be engaging and attention grabbing, whilst ensuring they maintain the reader’s interest.


Being specific

Be specific within your descriptions and writing. Writing with more depth and detail allows your readers to feel completely absorbed within your book.


Don’t overuse adverbs or fillers

Overusing adverbs and fillers may remove the proper meaning of a sentence. If you are using adverbs or fillers, make sure they are the correct ones and add to the sentence rather than remove from the meaning.


Don’t let writers block stop you

Many writers struggle from writer’s block; it’s normal. However, if you ever happen to get writer’s block, don’t let it stop you. Try to continue writing, even if it’s not writing your book. Continuing writing will help your mind to stay focussed and maintain your routine and rhythm.


Challenge yourself

Challenging yourself is one of the most important things you can do as an author. If you can challenge yourself daily, almost competing with your former self, your mind will stay active and you will always want to write better than you wrote the day before.


Get feedback, and lots of it

Feedback, whether good or bad, holds a large significance when writing a book. You can learn better from others feedback, figure out what is good and bad about your writing and perhaps alter this to become a better writer.


Read as much as you can to expand your vocabulary

Reading is not just good for expanding your vocabulary. You can gain ideas and new advancements on your book from simply reading other books.


Brainstorm as many ideas as often as you can

Even when you are finished planning your book and are starting to write it brainstorming all the time is a beneficial activity. Brainstorming allows your mind to come up with new ideas and piece together in your mind what you want your finished product to be.


Rewrite and keep rewriting

Even when you think you’ve finished; you more than likely haven’t. Keep rereading and rewriting your work. It may prove tedious, but it will be worth it in the end. Keep rewriting your book until you believe you have made all the improvements you can.

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