Using Keywords to Improve Book Sales


As an author, you will continuously be looking for ways to improve your book sales and audience size. One brilliant way of doing this is using keywords. Using keywords to improve book sales is extremely beneficial and advantageous. Keywords are what people search for to find relevant results. If you include the keywords (in descriptions, etc.) your audience use to find books similar to yours, you will appear in these search results more. 

Here's how to actually use keywords to improve book sales... 


List keywords

In order for your book to be found, you will have to decide what keywords you will use for your book. You need to write a list of what keywords you think can be associated with your book. Try to make this list as long as you can; with as wide a variety of words you can think of. All these keywords will be the words that make your book more accessible and widely noticed.


Do your research

It is a good idea to have a few lists of keywords you can use. Another way of creating a list is to research and look at what keywords people use for books similar to yours. Look at other people’s blurbs or descriptions and pick out their keywords. Make sure these words can relate to yours, even if it is loosely.


Using keywords ensures your book appears in relevant searches made by potential readers


Ask others

The final way is asking readers (whether they’re family or members of the public) for a list of words they would associate with your book. Getting a list of words readers would think of when reading gives you other opinions. These opinions can help you massively as they may think of words you didn't previously, that could be essential. You could also get them to write terms they would’ve used to search for your book.


Create a refined list

Once you have these lists; you have to create a refined list. These words need to be the terms that will be highly valued and will more than likely be the terms used the most to search for your book. This list of terms will need to be integrated into your blurb and/or synopsis / description. With these keywords included in any description of your book, it should appear in searches with these terms; leading to more people noticing and accessing your book.


The application of these keywords into your description, blurb, etc. needs to be careful and well thought out. Your readers will need to be interested in your book through the description; the keywords have got your book discovered, the description needs to get your book bought. Using keywords to improve book sales is a matter of ensuring you include relevant words or phrases, as well as making your content entertaining and interesting enough to persuade the reader to take further action. 


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