Truly Commission Free


At Tickety Boo Ink, we believe in being truly commission free.

It is too often that authors are charged with a large amount of commissions on the money they earn. These commissions often mean that they do not receive all the money they have earnt from sales, etc.

We are here to change this. We think it is unfair the amount of money taken off of the rightful owner just because of the commissions in place.


Our main aim was to get rid of these commission fees; so we did.


We want authors to keep all the money they deserve for their hard work.

Here at Tickety Boo Ink, the only charge is the subscription. We do not believe in adding commissions to book sales. The only possible extra charges are for credit card payments; however this is from our payment system, Stripe, not us. When you sell a book; you will get all the money possible from it, not just a small percentage,

We wanted to make Tickety Boo Ink the best and nicest experience authors will have when it comes to selling their books.

We wanted to give everyone their rightfully earned money.

Tickety Boo Ink

We believe in an Authors Freedom


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