Tips for Ghostwriting


Every freelancer has a different set of skills.


Ghostwriting is the job of writing material for someone else, who is then named the author.


Usually this material is literary or journalist work. Here are a few tips if you are a ghostwriter, or looking to become a ghostwriter.


i. Understand your role

When ghostwriting, it is crucial you remember and understand your role in the process. Your role may differ depending on the relationship between you and the named author. When beginning the process of ghostwriting, ensure you are aware of the role you play and understand it.


ii. Do your research

Be sure to do your research. Whether this is research into the named author, research into the chosen genre; do as much research as you can. This research will help you improve your writing and knowledge on what you are writing, and who for.


iii. You need to be a strong interviewer

You need to be able to ask questions that matter. When you’ve got the job of writing someone else’s book, you need to completely understand their needs and wants for the book. Being a strong interviewer means you will get all the answers necessary.


iv. You need to be sure to get a clear understanding of their voice

The named author has a different voice to you. You need to get a clear understanding of their voice, or the voice they want to portray within their book. Once you have a clear understanding, this voice needs to be consistent throughout the whole book.


v. Create a daily schedule

This goes for any writer out there. Having a daily schedule means you know your targets for each day, you have something to work towards. Be sure to stick to your daily schedule as much as you can.


vi. Use contracts

When finding an author who wants to use you as their ghostwriter; be sure to use a contract. This contract will then immediately separate those who are serious about this project from those who potentially are not as committed. A contract also allows you to feel secure in your position.


vii. Set expectations of yourself for your clients

This follows on from above. Once a contract has been agreed and signed, be sure to set expectations of yourself for the authors. These expectations can be how long it will take you to complete a task, etc. and be completely honest with them.

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