Tips for Designing your own Book Cover


Your book cover is the thing that will attract people and make them interested.


The cover of your book needs to be eye-catching, making a bold statement straight away to potential readers


If your book cover is seen as 'plain' or 'boring', readers will feel less interested and less inclined to purchase your book. 


Think like a reader

When creating your own book cover, be sure to think like a reader and not a writer. Think from the perspective of your potential reader and what would attract them. You need to ensure your book cover is intriguing enough for potential readers to get an instant attraction to the book. This instant attraction will be there if your book cover is eye-catching enough.


Make it different

Your cover needs to be unique and interesting; not another cliche. Make your book cover as unique and as uncommon as you can, whilst trying to stick to the key message in your book. Sticking to the key message will allow potential readers to get an early insight into what your book entails before they even read it. This early insight will hopefully attract more people into purchasing your book.


Create emotion

Following on from this, your book cover needs to make people feel something. If you design a book cover and you do not, as the author, feel anything; it is more than likely that your potential readers won’t feel anything either. You need to ensure that your book cover displays or creates an emotion. This emotion will grab the potential readers attention even more.


Hint: Use social media

If you are stuck for ideas and do not know where to begin when it comes to designing and creating your book cover; use social media. Getting input from people will help massively. This input ensures you are certain of your choice of book cover design.


Creativity is the path to success. Be as creative as you can possibly be, make your potential readers feel overwhelmed with emotion, and most importantly; make your book cover eye-catching.

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