Tips for a Productive Writing Day


How much an author writes in a day relies on how productive and motivated they are. The less motivated an author is, the less writing, or editing, is going to get done. A lack of motivation makes authors almost feel reclusive and disheartened. 

There are actually a few brilliant tips for a productive writing day, even if you feel unproductive or unmotivated. These tips for a productive writing day include...


Take rests

Taking occasional rests is one of the most vital things when it comes to having a productive writing day. It is more than likely that, if you write solidly for hours, your standard of work may decline over time. This being said, have goals for the day. It can be easy to take breaks and not be able to get back into your rhythm. Having goals means you have targets to work towards and you should hopefully feel motivated to reach the goal.


Discipline yourself

Be disciplined with yourself when writing. In order to be productive, you need to reduce the amount of unnecessary distractions around you. Make sure you set a schedule for when you are going to take time out to eat and wind down. You need this schedule to be able to maintain productivity. As mentioned, try to reduce the unnecessary distractions such as social media, the TV, music, and more. Some may work well with white noise in the background, however for others it may just be a distraction. Eliminating these distractions ensures you work to the best of your ability.


To be productive, you need to be prepared


Remove mess and distractions

Along with removing any distractions, try to remove any mess from the area you are working in. It is more than likely that if the area isn’t tidy, you may get distracted by unnecessary items around you. If you simply keep out items you may need, such as a pen, and tidy everything else away; you have less of a chance of being distracted by tangible items.


Write, then edit

Most of all; write first and proofread later. Write everything you can, to your best ability, and try to reach your target. Reaching your target is the most important task you can do whilst writing. Once you have hit a certain target, you can then make time to proofread.

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