The Steps to a Successful Self Publishing


The steps to a successful self publishing will predominantly rely upon you; as well as your readers.

There are a multitude of factors to having a successful self publishing. These factors do not have to be made perfect; no one is relying on you having a perfect self publication process. However, executing them well will make a huge difference to your success.


Be honest with yourself

It’s essential to be honest with yourself. Before you self publish, define what you mean by success. Define what will make you happy as an author. If this is worldwide distribution, your book in bookshops nationwide and more - self publishing may not be for you. Whilst it is possible to achieve such goals when you self publish, it’s more likely to happen if you choose a traditional publishing route. Be honest with what your goals are and ask yourself why you want to publish a book.


Gain knowledge

Much like most things in life, you can’t go into self publishing without knowing about self publishing. You need to become an expert in what you’re about to do, an expert in your book, and more. You are technically your own publisher and running the ‘business’ yourself; so it’s completely necessary to know every aspect of what you’re doing.


Be sure to complete everything to the best standard possible


Find your target audience

Before writing your book, you will have thought about your target audience. When self publishing, picturing your audience and knowing what they want from your book is essential. If you know this, it will help you tailor your blurb, cover, and more to appeal to the right audience. It’s vital you appeal to the right audience as they are the most likely to take the time to read into and purchase your book.


Learn about metadata and what keywords you can use

Another small factor leading on from this is the metadata. You need to know how to get the metadata perfect and include all the necessary information. The keywords you choose need to be the keywords your audience will search. Metadata is what will help sell your book.


Self promotion!

In regards to what you do after you have self published, you need to be social wise and a shameless self promoter. Your social media needs to be kept up-to-date, engaging, interactive, friendly and more. All of these elements will allow readers to get to know you better and become loyal readers. Social media is great for building your brand; showing your readers your author value and who you are.


When you self publish, everything doesn’t have to be perfect. It needs to, preferably, be up to the best standard you can possibly get it to. Your book won’t sell itself. You need to educate yourself and become an expert in what you’re doing. Becoming an expert and understanding the steps to a successful self publishing will benefit you hugely and give you the best experience possible. 


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