The Key Aspects of a Good Book


There are certain aspects to a book that make it good. These aspects need to be personalised and customised to make your book yours and unique. However, whatever you do, you need to make sure you include the key aspects of a good book... 


Strong opening

You need to ensure your book has a strong opening. This opening will entice readers into continuing to read your book. If your book has a weak opening it could indicate to readers that the rest of your book may be weak and deter them from reading further. A strong opening will create intrigue and questions may arise that readers must continuing reading to find the answers to.


Developed characters

Having developed characters is essential. You need to ensure you know every detail about your characters. They need to be diverse and well-developed; with information about their flaws, background, relationships between other characters, their attitude towards certain things, and more. You need to ensure your readers will be able to connect and relate to your characters.


Has to make sense

Your book has to be logical and make sense. You need to ensure that everything in your book makes sense and adds up; including any actions characters take, etc. You can by all means go against what the reader may expect to happen, but there needs to be an overarching consistency in your books plot.


A good book is made up of greatly executed key aspects


Having a good balance

There needs to be a good balance between conflict and resolution. A constant rising and falling of conflict and resolution will keep your readers invested in your book and wanting to find out the end outcome of your novel.


A satisfying conclusion

A satisfying conclusion is needed for your book. You need to ensure your book gives readers the satisfaction they so wanted out of your book. If the conclusion of your book is deemed as uninteresting or unsatisfying, people may feel deterred from continuing to read any new work. This can also affect any potential readers you could have gained from word-of-mouth.



Whilst there is a lot more to a good book, a sense of originality is one of the most significant elements. You must have and maintain your own voice. This voice should be original; as well as your plot being original and distinguishable from what every other author has written.


These are just a few of the key aspects of a good book. If you get these key aspects correct, you are well on your way to writing a good book. Most of these aspects are essential and necessary when writing; you simply cannot afford to miss them out.


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