The Best Libraries in the World


For authors, libraries may be places of inspiration and awe.


“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library”


Here are a few of the best libraries in the world! 


Bodleian Libraries: University of Oxford

The Bodleian Libraries are a group of libraries that include major research libraries, libraries attached to faculties of the University and the principal University Library. The Bodleian Library is one of the oldest libraries in Europe. You can go on tours and visits of the Bodleian Library; as well as seeing their new displays and exhibitions each time they alter. Find out more about the Bodleian Library here.


George Peabody Library: Baltimore

The George Peabody Library dates back to the founding of the Peabody Institute in 1857. The George Peabody Library has now become the premiere wedding and event venue in Baltimore. Today it has around 300,000 volumes in, six tiers of cast-iron columns, decorative railing and embellishments. Find out more about the George Peabody Library here.


Central Library: Seattle

The Seattle Central Library provides a metropolitan space for the circulation of knowledge, with a modern take on organising books, ‘The Books Spiral’. When the library opened, the Spiral’s 6,233 bookcases housed 780,000 books. Find out more about the Seattle Central Library here.


Sir Duncan Rice Library: United Kingdom

The Sir Duncan Rice Library houses the largest of the University of Aberdeen’s modern collections. The building is also open to the public, with a large range of facilities available such as a gallery, an events room, and more. There are over 1,200 study spaces. Find out more about the Sir Duncan Rice Library here.


Library of Congress: Washington

The Library of Congress occupies three buildings, with a collection of more than 164 million items. These items include more than 38.6 million catalogued books and other print materials in 470 languages, more than 70 million manuscripts, and the world’s largest collection of legal materials. Read more about the Library of Congress here.


Not all of these libraries will be easily accessible to everyone; however if you get the chance to visit a place where one of these libraries is - go! 

Libraries can give you inspiration; whether it be to write a book, ideas for your book, anything! The best libraries in the world are also places of history and awe, they're brilliant places to visit for their amazing architecture and extensive book collection. 

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