The Best Gifts for Authors


Got an author in your life to give a gift to? 

Finding the best gifts for those who love all things reading and writing may feel repetitive; you may feel as though you are buying the same gifts each time. Here are some of the best gifts for authors! 


A book

Whilst this may feel repetitive, you never get the same book for someone twice. All readers and author’s love new material to read. This new material can provide people with inspiration and new ideas.



If there is anyone who always carries a notebook with them, it’s an author. If an author gets an idea whilst out and about, they need a notebook to quickly write down these ideas.


Personalised mugs

It is more than likely that authors and readers enjoy a drink in a mug whilst doing what they love. So, why not get them a personalised mug? Personalised mugs show to the receiver you have thought about their gift and made an effort.


Aqua notes

Aqua notes are a waterproof paper pad that can be placed anywhere in the shower, for those shower ideas author’s forget by the time they reach a normal notebook. They can simply write down their idea and tear the paper off to keep. They will never risk forgetting a shower idea again!


Printed t-shirts, bags, hoodies, etc.

This idea is simple; much like the mugs, you can pretty much personalise anything you wish to personalise. You can get t-shirts, bags, hoodies, anything, printed with any design you want.


Everyone has an author in their lives, and these are the perfect gifts to get them


Writer’s emergency packs

These sorts of novelty packs can be found on places such as Amazon. Writer emergency packs are essentially for an emergency such as writer’s block. The pack contains cards with helpful suggestions and tips to lure author’s out of their writer’s block.


Audible subscription

An Audible subscription is another simple idea, for those author’s or readers who may still be in and out of work, rushing around places with little time to read. Audible allows people to listen to a book through headphones or a speaker. This can prove a great present!


Weekly calendars/planners

Mainly for author’s who need to ensure their time is managed and balanced correctly; a weekly calendar or planner will help massively. These planners help author’s to fully plan out their week in terms of their writing goals, etc.


Writing guides

Writing guides may be of use to those aspiring authors, or readers. Those who are aspiring to write a book may need a helping hand or guide to push them in the right direction when beginning to write their book.

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