The Benefits of Self Publishing


To self publish means to take control. It means doing everything the way you want to do it; publishing your book with no intervening from editors or publishers. The benefits of self publishing are so liberating that it would almost be a shame not to exploit the new self publishing routes you can take. 


Self publishing means you never lose control of your work


Self publishing is slowly on the rise. Its stigma is being crushed more and more everyday, and more authors choose to go down the self publishing route in order to do things their way and get what they want out of their book. Self publishing is also seen as one of the easiest routes to go down as you do not have to go through the hardships of finding a publishing house, agent, editor, etc. 

So, what are the other benefits of self publishing? 


Take control

When it comes to traditional publishing you will more than likely lose control over your work. An editor will take control of your work and dictate what is included in your book. This dictation can lead to your authors voice being removed. Self publishing fully eliminates this possibility of dictation. You have complete control over your book; your personal creativity is never suppressed.


Keep more of your earned money

Following the route of traditional publishing means you only earn approximately 10% of the retail price upon the sale of your book. As an author, this is not enough revenue earned for the hard work you put into writing your book. Choosing to self publish will give you the rewards you truly deserve. You can earn around 90% of the retail price from each sale.


Do things at your desired pace

Traditional publishing takes time. It takes time to find an agent and a publisher who is willing to publish your book. This time consuming process is no longer there if you choose to self publish. You can take as long as you want to write your masterpiece, and simply publish your book quickly and efficiently. You no longer have to worry about potential rejection from publishers; you can merely publish your book at your own pace, with no rejection.


The benefits of self publishing are endless. Self publishing allows you to publish the book you actually wrote, rather than a book you wrote and an editor changed. You have all the freedom you deserve, with the rewards you earn given to you.

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