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Self publishing is becoming a more and more popular option when an author wants to publish their book.


"To publish independently and at one's own expense"


However, for those who have never self published before - it could seem like a world away from what they are capable of. There are definitely a few factors that you must understand before taking on the task of self publishing your book. Here are a few!


1. It's up to you what help you get

Self publishing is, essentially, the same as traditional publishing just without the extra hassle of finding a publisher, agent, and more. Your book still needs editing, formatting, marketing, etc. It's completely up to you whether you do this all by yourself or hire someone professional to do each part to help you along the way. Your book has to be the best it can be, so all work done for your book has to be the highest quality possible even if you do it yourself. It's all up to you.


2. You have to be patient

The common misconception about self publishing is that it's quicker than traditionally publishing a book. However, this is not always the case. It may happen quickly, it may happen slowly; but whatever happens, by the end of it you've published your book and you're a published author. You also have to be patient within yourself and allow yourself time to finish your book rather than rushing it just because you want it published right this second.


3. Networking with others is beneficial

It can be good to network with other authors in your situation or authors who have books they have self published. You can get advice off these people and learn how they did it. If you have this advice you can follow in their footsteps and almost replicate how they did it; but for you.


4. Connect with anyone possible

Connect with potential readers or any fans you have acquired before the launch. If you keep in contact with these people it can be extremely beneficial as they would simply grow their loyalty and trust within you.


5. Research

As you should’ve done when writing your book, do your research. Research into other self publishing tips and how other authors self published; as well as their successes and failures. You should also research into different self publishing options, which company you are going to use and why. Knowing all of this essentially means you are prepared for the publication of your book and you know what to expect.


6. Be realistic

Throughout the whole of your publication process, be realistic. If you aren’t realistic, you may set yourself up for failure. Assess your situation and make achievable goals rather than optimistic goals. It’s always great to be optimistic but if you are too optimistic you may be setting yourself up for failure as you may not reach your goals straight away and you may feel you have failed. Being realistic simply means you have goals that are easily achievable as well as knowing how everything works, realistically.


Self publishing is one of the easiest ways to publish your book.


You work independently to produce the book you want to produce, not one an editor / publisher wants to


This being said, it can be a tough way of publishing. You may have to do everything yourself if you don’t want anyone else working on your book with you.

Of course, whatever you do in your publication process is your personal preference; so as long as you trust yourself, you will find self publication a liberating experience.


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