Self Publishing Myths  


Whilst self publishing is on the rise, the stigma around it is very much still alive. There are certain self publishing myths that can lead aspiring authors to feel worried or concerned if they're hoping to self publish. 


People believe that self publishing means their book won't become popular

This is not true, at all. Whilst popularity is mostly down to the author and the promoting of the book, this does not mean it doesn't have the chance to become popular at all. Another aspect to potential popularity is having an ISBN - a barcode. An ISBN allows your book to actually be sold in a bookshop; automatically eliminating the myth of the inability to become an author sold in bookstores.


Often, people think those who self publish have no talent

Due to the stigma built up around self publishing, a lot of people may believe that those who self publish have no talent or it's a last resort. This may be down to multiple rejections from traditional publishers, leading to the belief that self published authors aren't that good. However, this is all false. Self publishing is not necessarily a last resort, for some it's a first choice - to maintain all control and be completely independent. 


People may believe that self published work is of low quality

As mentioned above, people may believe that those self published authors are authors previously rejected for their poor writing skills. However, once again, this is false. Self publication does not mean the writing is low quality, it does not mean that the actual quality of the book will be low; it's simply an individual choice. Self published authors will publish a similar quality of work and book to those traditionally published, it's just done differently.


"You won't get paid much"

People fail to understand the payment differences between self published and traditionally published authors. Whilst traditionally published authors do get advances before the publication of their book, they have to earn all of that back from sales before they actually start to earn any of it. Even then, they only earn around 10% of the retail price of each book sale. Self published authors may spend a lot more in the process but get to keep around 90% of the revenue earned from each book sale.


"Self publishing is a liberating experience and deserves no negative stigma"


Self publishing myths lead people to believing that the art of self publishing should be stigmatised and that it shouldn't be used as a route to publishing your book. However, these self publishing myths don't deserve to be believed any longer. Self publishing is perhaps one of the easiest and most liberating ways to get your book published. You don't have to worry about editors or publishers, you only have to focus on your book and work, and publishing your book the way you want to. 

At Tickety Boo Ink, we don't believe in the self publishing myths. We believe they deserve to be crushed. Tickety Boo Ink provides a self publishing service that aims to promote the benefits of self publishing and help aspiring authors understand new routes they can take to publish their book. 


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