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Tickety Boo Ink is available for anyone and everyone to use. Our exclusive services enable any author, published or not, to utilise our platform and reap certain rewards.

Being a published author does not necessarily mean the hardest part is done. In fact, it more than likely means one of the hardest parts is yet to come - the publicising of your book. Nowadays, newly published books get lost in a sea of already published and popular work. Here’s where we can help.

You may be selling your book through third party websites such as Amazon, but is it good enough? Should you stop there? We believe that there is nothing better than selling your book through your own, personalised website. A website that allows you to reap all the rewards, with 0% commission on any book sales. A website that allows you to showcase you and your work, and build connections with readers.


Tickety Boo Ink enables you to do everything in the way you want to do it


It enables you to sell your personality, as well as your book. Our services give you the chance to build relationships with your readers; relationships you may never have built without a website. Our websites also allow you to control everything you do, making sure you know what’s performing well and what could be improved to get the best out of your site.

Here at Tickety Boo Ink we also work very hard to provide authors with a Hub that gives information on all the tips and tricks of the marketing world. We give insights on what generally works and what generally doesn’t work as effectively. We give you our favourite tips and strategies to help you publicise your book and gain more recognition.

A Tickety Boo Ink website can benefit all authors. It does not matter how long your book has been published, it’s still beneficial to own a website to sell yourself and your work. Your website is a dedicated place for you and where people will get to know you; it’s a place to be seen and found.  


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