Our Mission is to Publish Your Book


A mission can be defined as the aims and goals a business has; whether it be for themselves or their clients. Our mission at Tickety Boo Ink is to give authors the freedom they deserve. Effectively, our mission is to publish your book. 

We believe in all authors having the ability to publish what they want, when they want, with no worry regarding publishers and editors. Editorial control can be a big flaw to traditional publishing nowadays and we want to eliminate this with our service.


All authors deserve the chance to publish the book they want to publish


All authors deserve to have no anxiety surrounding publishing, and only have to worry about finalising their work. They should be able to publish a book written in their own words and voice, with no publisher taking credit for their hard work. Another strong belief of ours at Tickety Boo Ink is to ensure all authors know what to do when publicising their work. We have created a Hub full of promotional assets and tools to help everyone learn how to publicise their book.

We give authors their book. We give authors a website; a place to begin promoting. We give authors all the tips and tricks needed to sell their book. We give everything an author needs to complete their book journey, with no extra worries or restrictions.

Our mission is to publish your book; giving you the opportunity you have always dreamt of, publication. 


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We Believe in an Authors Freedom


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