Pros and Cons of Self Publishing


The stigma around self publishing often deters people from the idea of it. However, self publishing is actually one of the best and newest trends in publishing. It allows authors to publish what they want to publish, losing no control and doing whatever they want. 


"Authors now have a choice in how they publish" 


There are a lot of pros and cons of self publishing that you may need to weigh up before making the decision on the publishing route you're going to go down. The pros and cons include... 




Having creative control

Self publishing means you keep creative control over your work. You get the final say on the content in your book; not a publisher.


Higher royalty rates

When you self publish your book, you can earn up to 90% of the revenue from the sales of your books.


No deadline stress

Being your own publisher allows you to work without specific deadlines; you have the ability to take as much time as necessary to complete your book.


Quicker publishing process

The self publishing process is a lot quicker; you simply finish your book and send it in for printing. The long process of finding a publisher and publishing with them has been eliminated.


More frequent pay days

Most traditionally published authors only receive royalty payouts twice a year; whilst self published authors get royalty payouts monthly.


No rejection

Rejection does not exist when self publishing. You get to write whatever you want to write, without a publisher suppressing your words.


Maintaining your rights

Traditional publishing means handing over the rights to your book. Self publishing means maintaining these rights.


Anyone can publish

Self publishing is in no way discriminative. Anyone can publish anything they like, when they like.




Doing everything alone

Whilst working alone on your book may seem attractive, you are also expected to edit, proofread, create a book cover, a blurb, etc. all by yourself.


Upfront costs

If you search for professional help (e.g. editors, formatters), there is usually a large upfront cost for their services.


Potential financial loss

Furthermore, if your book does not sell well enough to break even on the money spent on preparing your book, you may suffer a large financial loss.


Stigma around self publishing

Many people have created a stigma around self publishing whereby the books are a low quality. This stigma therefore means self published authors have to work hard to prove credibility.


No agent support

Agents often support authors and motivate you to continue on your journey, giving you advice and encouragement.


You are your own marketing team

Self publishing your book often means becoming your own marketing team and promoting your book yourself.  Promotion is essential but often time consuming.


All these pros and cons of self publishing need to be considered before deciding what publishing route is for you. You need to understand every single pro and con when it comes to self publishing, so you can fairly and equally weigh up whether it would be beneficial to you, or if it would even be the right route for you to go down. 

All authors are different, and so will all take different routes to book publication. Choose yours today!

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