Promoting Yourself as a Freelancer


As a freelancer, you have to market yourself; by yourself.

If you are just starting your career as a freelancer, promoting yourself may seem unachievable or daunting. Here are a few ideas to help promote yourself and your work!


1. Define your target market

Defining your target market is the first step to promoting your work. Defining a target market allows you to know exactly who you need to be targeting. It enables you to build up personas and ideas of the people who will be interested in your work or will need your work. These personas can then be used to determine how to market to and attract these specific people. 


2. Build a strong website

Having a strong website is vital. A website needs to provide a strong clarification of who you are, what you do, what you've previously do (i.e. a portfolio), how you can help people, reviews, and so on. All of these elements add up to a trustworthy and credible website, that people can read to understand you a bit more.


3. Be social

When using social media, you've got to be social. It may seem obvious, but people tend to forget that social media isn't all about promotional content and marketing their work. It's about being sociable and human; holding real conversations and building relationships with people. 


4. Start a blog

A blog is one of the easiest ways to share your knowledge and expertise. It showcases your talent as a writer and enables your visitors to trust your writing. A blog is a page that can attract new audiences in, too, as it's full of keywords that people may be searching to find the help they need.


5. Get client reviews

If you are able to get reviews off clients; be sure to showcase them wherever you can. These reviews can show to potential clients that your work is high quality. Reviews also immediately show you're reliable and credible, as real people have reviewed the work you've provided to them. People believe people. 


6. Email marketing

Emails are one of the easiest ways to get directly in front of someone. Emails need to be eye-catching, engaging and attention grabbing right from the subject line. It's all about sending out emails that will add value to your subscribers lives; content that is useful and relevant to you, and them.  


7. Be yourself

You need to ensure you remain yourself throughout the whole process of promoting yourself. Be completely realistic about who you are and show people that you are authentic. This will hopefully allow people see you are trustworthy and reliable.

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