Planning Your Book Publicity


Planning your book publicity can be defined as providing yourself with a guide to assist you through all stages of launching and marketing your book. There is a whole lot of information that is included within the process of creating a book publicity plan. You need to be completely familiar with all aspects of your book; ranging from target audience to the purpose of your book. Failing to master your plan can be detrimental in a number of different ways. Your plan is what will help you to connect with new people and publicise your book in the most effective way possible.

So where do you begin with planning your book publicity?


Start by defining the description of your book

The description needs to be kept short and concise, answering these few questions:


What are you promoting?

The answer to this may be clear; a book. You’re promoting and marketing the book you’ve written. Simply put, you need to just include the title of the book.


What market are you promoting to?

What genre is your book? The genre of your book is going to be important in terms of finding what market you're going to be promoting to. Most genres already have a built up audience so from defining your genre, you're automatically defining an overview of your target audience and the market you're promoting to. 


What is unique about your work?

Is there a unique aspect to your book? Is there anything different that will make you stand out from the crowd? If there is, include it in this description! Your unique selling point (USP) is vital to showing your books worth and individuality.


Then, define your target market  

Your target market is the audience that you think, or know, are going to enjoy the work you present to them. You want to define who your idyllic reader is; simply put, an in depth description of the personality of someone who you think / know will love your book.

Once you’ve crafted this idyllic reader description, you can get a strong idea of where and how to reach these people. They may not exist hand-in-hand with the description you’ve given, but you’ll definitely be able to find people who are similar to your ideal reader that will love the work you’ve produced.


Your book publicity plan is defined by who you are as an author


The next step is defining possible actions to take 


Advertisements can be on a range of different platforms. They can be on social media, on Google, on websites specifically for authors and readers, and so on. Paid advertising is one of the easiest ways to begin marketing as it allows you to automatically reach a new, wide audience that you have set as your target audience.



Blogging is the best way to share your ‘industry’ knowledge and show people your talent and skills.  Sharing your knowledge with audiences immediately shows you are a clever, reputable author who knows what they’re talking about. This builds up your authority in the ‘writing world’. As well as this, showing your talent essentially gives readers a chance to read your writing skills; which then gives them an idea of what your book is like, hopefully making them want to read it.


Social media

Not everyone will choose to use social media. However, it’s a brilliant way to connect with new people each and every day. Social media has its name for one reason; it’s built for being social. It’s built for connecting and communicating with people on an everyday basis. On social media, you need to be personable and human - show your real side and your authenticity. People want to connect with you and communicate with you; so make it easy for people to speak to you on a personal level.



Email marketing ensures your message reaches people’s inboxes directly. It allows you to send content to the people who want the content, and begin to build up potential relationships. Emails are a great way to draw people into reading your new content, completing a call to action, contact you back, and so on.


There are so many more elements to your book marketing plan. You need to make sure you've completed all steps before you even begin marketing your book. You can find out the other steps over on our Marketing Hub hereOur Marketing Hub is available free for subscribers of our site. Our subscribers also get the opportunity to get their book printed, with no editorial control and with all the freedom authors deserve. You can find out more about who Tickety Boo Ink is for here


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