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With Tickety Boo Ink, your author website is mobile friendly. It’s completely responsive and your website will work cohesively on all devices, no matter what. Your website can also be accessed through any device if you need to.


Having a mobile friendly website is essential


Not everyone uses a desktop to make searches; the majority of people will be using their mobiles or other handheld devices to make searches. Handheld devices are what people turn to most of the time as they’re easily accessible and quick to use.

However… with the rise of handheld devices for searches, there are a few things you need to remember. You must remember that the search is being made on a small screen, and if your website comes up - it needs to be optimised for that screen. Your website needs to be displayed the way it should, not the way it’s displayed on desktop. Elements such as the font and images need to be correctly sized so people can easily read/see it, as well as any buttons you have being the correct size for ease of clicking.


Your Tickety Boo Ink website is automatically mobile friendly


You don’t have to worry about doing anything technical to your website with Tickety Boo Ink, all you have to do is complete your content the way you want it. Your website is then fully mobile optimised so no matter what device it is visited on, it will look exactly the same and have the correct design for the small screened device.

Another thing to remember about your website being mobile optimised is the actual content itself. You need your content to be interesting, engaging and entertaining. As mentioned, people use their mobile devices to make quick and easy searches, to get results instantly and to browse a website quickly. Make sure your content is easy to read, understand and digest.

Mobile optimisation is essential for every single website nowadays. Without your author website being mobile friendly, those visitors who stumble across you on their handheld device will get a bad experience, feel negatively about your website and you and therefore click away.


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