Mistakes To Avoid When Writing


When writing, it's easy to make mistakes and not recognise them until afterwards. A lot of the time, the mistakes do not matter too much and they can be altered easily. However, there are some certain mistakes to avoid when writing that could be detrimental and need to be avoided as they are tough to alter and change. 

Here are just some of those mistakes to avoid when writing...


Having bland characters

Avoid creating 2D characters. Your characters need to be fully developed, mentally and physically. You and your readers need to know every aspect to that character. Ensuring your characters are thoroughly developed allows your readers to connect and relate to them.


A poor use of dialogue

Only use dialogue when it is completely necessary. Do not just use dialogue to split up a section, as it will lose purpose. All your pieces of dialogue need a purpose. Find your characters voices and maintain these voices throughout the entirety of your book.



Repetition is a mistake to avoid throughout the whole of your book; try not to repeat things you have previously said. This goes for character details, descriptions of settings or characters, and much more.


Avoid these mistakes for the best quality writing possible


Having no ‘point’

There needs to be an evident, clear point to your book. Your readers need to know what the point of your book is and why you have written it. Having this clear point will help guide you through writing; you will want to ensure you reach the point you want to get across.


Having too much irrelevant information

Not all information you may want to give; gives. Sometimes you may write too much irrelevant information that has no effect on the book and doesn’t give the reader anything more. Try to make sure all the information you give is relevant and gives something back to the reader.


Making descriptions that don't need to be complicated, complicated

A common mistake that writers can make is writing complicated descriptions. Not all descriptions need to be complicated. If they don’t need to be, readers may begin to lose interest due to the amount of long, descriptive sentences.


A lack of editing

Editing is one of the most crucial elements when writing, or finishing, a book. You need to make sure your book is completely grammatically correct; otherwise, your book may be deemed as an amateur book. Avoid avoiding editing.  


It's in your best interest to make all attempts to avoid these mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes simply ensures your book is the best it can be, with a consistent flow and imaginative flair. It's important to remember the mistakes to avoid when writing, when writing! 

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