Methods to Improve Your Writing


As an author, you’re going to want to continuously improve your writing skills and techniques. It’s a never ending process and there are always ways in which you can improve. However, to get you started, here are our 10 favourite methods to improve your writing...


Develop a daily writing habit

In everything, practices makes perfect. Making writing a daily habit allows you to grow and expand your writing abilities. It engages your brain daily and gives you chance to focus on improving your writing techniques. The more you write, the more advanced and skilled you’re going to become.  


Read daily

Reading is also essential in improving your skills and abilities. Reading daily expands your mind to new vocabulary and techniques. Try to read content that is relevant to you and will impact you the most, i.e. if you’re an author writing horror books, you may want to read content surrounding horror as it gives you an insight to how it’s written and any general methods.


Use capitals when you’re meant to

As an author, you need to remember to capitalise when you need to. If you fail to, you risk seeming unprofessional and giving the impression that you’re an underdeveloped author. There are certain words you need to remember to capitalise…

Proper nouns: official name of a person, city, company, product, book, publication, country, government job title, school, etc.

Title case: a new story, book, article or even a section, capitalise it


Avoid using exclamation points

Exclamation points are often used in pursuit of creating a sense of excitement. However, you should really avoid using too many exclamation points. There are some cases, of course, where exclamation points are relevant and suitable; but the majority of the time, it’s much more fitting to just use words to create the emotion that an exclamation point is meant to.  


Think about your audience

Whenever you’re writing, you need to think about your audience. You need to truly understand who they are and what interests them; what entertains and engages them the most. You also need to understand the level of formality you should be aiming for when you’re contacting them to make them feel welcomed and safe. You need to define a tone of voice and a message to convey to them.


It's vital to continuously improve your writing skills in order to improve your end results


Don’t use filler phrases

Filler phrases are used all too often to bulk out content, in hopes to give it more depth. The truth is, filler phrases make your content more difficult to read and digest due to the unnecessarily placed phrases that could be replaced with one word, straightforward synonyms. For example, “because” instead of “due to the fact”. It makes your writing a lot easier to read and makes it flow much better.


Free writing courses

This method is relatively self explanatory. Signing up for and enrolling in free writing courses will give you new information and new methods to follow; hopefully opening your mind to different routes and options to follow when writing. They will expand your mind and teach you new, important skills.


Study common misused and misspelled words

As an author, you’re going to want to avoid making mistakes. It’s important to look into words that are commonly misused and/or misspelled. Try to understand where people go wrong when they make a mistake and ensure that all your writing is correctly used and spelt.


Read your writing out loud

This may be something the vast majority of authors already do, but a great method to become a better writer and improve what you’ve got is to read it out loud. Reading your writing out loud will highlight mistakes you would never have discovered by just reading your writing on paper. Speaking aloud helps you understand if your writing makes sense and is correct.


Ask for feedback

To become better at anything, feedback is one of the best methods. Feedback gives you an honest, outside opinion and insight into your writing; the positives and what needs improving. Asking for feedback from someone else is crucial as they will give you a truthful understanding of your writing from the outside, from the viewpoint of someone reading your work for the first time. Feedback may come with criticism, but this is as important as positive feedback as it shows you what you need to improve on.


As an author, it's important to continuously look for methods to improve your writing and enhance your skills and techniques. This is because, the more you can expand your skills, the higher quality of content you're going to write. The higher quality, the more people are going to be engaged and interested in what you have to say. Use these methods to improve your writing today and you'll see positive results in no time! 


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