Managing a Fanbase


When publishing and selling a book, you hope to grow a loyal, returning fanbase.

It can therefore be a troubling affair if you lose track of said fanbase and the data that came with that fanbase.


Ideally, it would be beneficial to have the ability to manage your fanbase like a professional. In doing so, you ensure you have control of all the data of those who take interest in you and your work


Keeping control of all the data you have acquired through selling your book is an essential action. If you have the ability to contact those who have already shown interest before publishing your book, or those who have bought your previously published book, you can keep them updated and gain their confidence in you.

Having their confidence means they may return to your work, or may even recommend your work to others. They can help promote you and your work, simply through gaining their loyalty. This loyalty is gained through having the ability to manage your fanbase.

That’s why our websites include an easy to use CRM (Customer Relationship Manager); making it easy to manage your newly acquired fanbase.

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