Knowing Your Target Audience


Identifying your target audience is one of the most important tasks when planning your book.


You need to ensure you know who you are targeting. Without knowing this, it may be difficult to figure out what you need to attract these targeted people


Having a clear understanding of your audience is critical. You need to be able to know the answer to questions about your target audience. These questions can be as simple as what gender they are, to being as complicated as what their hobbies are and what they like to read online in blogs, etc. If you can answer all the questions, you know your audience well. Knowing your audience well is essential as you know what attracts them and what will convert them from intrigued to interested.

Collecting data from people, perhaps your existing audience, is one way of effectively getting to know your audience or people you could target. Creating surveys or conducting interviews to get real life answers allows you to see concrete evidence of what your existing audience and target audience are like.

Once you know and understand your audience, the next step is knowing what they want and what they are searching for. If you know what they want to get out of your book and what they are searching for when they go to find a new book - your book sales will more than likely increase upon publication.

Knowing and understanding your target audience is vital. Without elaborate research and descriptions of your target audience, you may struggle. If you know who you are targeting and you know how to target these people; your life is made much easier.

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