Knowing Why you Want to be an Author


Acknowledging your purpose for writing is essential. You need to ensure you are aware of your final mission and your purpose for writing your book. Everyone knows what being an author means, or will mean, to them, but who knows why they want to be an author?


All writers are writing to serve a purpose


It isn’t easy being an author, having a purpose is essential. If you have a purpose and a reason for wanting to be an author and wanting to write your book, it’s likely you will concentrate more on completing your book and becoming a published author. Publishing your book should be your end goal; your reason for being an author should help you reach that goal.

Having a reason for writing will help you stay focussed on your project when you get writers block, or when any problems threaten to become an obstacle when writing. This focus is extremely important and necessary; without a specific focus you may be easily distracted from writing. This distraction could potentially affect your writing.

Knowing why you want to be an author is crucial. You need to be able to know why you’re doing what you’re choosing to do. Every author has a reason and a purpose for writing a book; whether it simply be because they want to write a book or they want to write a book for sentimental purposes, they are all valid reasons.

Having a valid reason will help you feel motivated to finish writing your book. Once you have finished writing your book, you have reached your purpose and goal.

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