Knowing What to Put on your Website


A website is what you need to market your work.

However, knowing what to put on this website may be tricky.


Your website is there to showcase your work


It is essential you fill your website with relevant and necessary content.

There are many elements that all add up to make a good website. Knowing these elements and how to make them effective is a good skill. Throughout your website, all these elements will either intrigue or deter the reader from continuing to browse or completing an action. Therefore, making sure these elements are worthwhile is crucial.


1. Personal and professional

Be sure to make your website content personal and professional. Your website needs to be engaging whilst also serving a purpose. Having elements of professionalism on your website reassures readers that you are a dedicated author. A personal element allows users to begin to feel a connection with you and get to know you.


2. Update content

When it comes to the smaller, more detailed elements - there are a lot of them. Making sure you keep your website content updated is vital, if your information is outdated it will affect the credibility and reliability of your website.


3. Easy to contact you

Be sure to make it as easy as possible for people to contact you. This way, if anyone does want to contact you, they won’t hesitate and the process will be easy to complete. Following on from this, have an email newsletter sign up form on your website if you wish to.


4. Extras

Other elements include your social media links, any reviews given by customers; and, obviously, your books, if they are for sale or published. All these elements are essential when building your website to ensure it gains popularity.


Your website content needs to be unique and individual, engaging and interactive. The content needs to draw users in to become your readers.

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