Keeping Organised as an Author


As an author, you may find it difficult to keep everything organised and orderly.

These few tips may help you to remain organised whilst writing or planning your book.


1. Keep your work environment tidy

Your working environment needs to be tidy in order to have a tidy, clear mind when writing. Messiness is often a large distraction; maintaining a clean environment reduces this possible distraction. On top of this, messiness can also be a main cause of stress and tension.


2. Keep your files and documents organised

If you work on a computer, making sure all your files and documents are organised is imperative. Without an organised file system it is much easier to lose important files.


3. Have separate folders for everything

Following on from keeping everything organised, be sure to keep everything organised in separate folders when necessary. Don’t sporadically place files in odd folders; this is an easy way to lose files.


4. Keep your bookmarks organised (if you have any)

Keeping bookmarks is an easy way to never lose a website you found interesting. Be sure to keep these bookmarks organised so you know how to quickly and easily find a website you need.


5. Keep a record of your working hours

Having a record of how many hours you have worked on specific days shows whether you are utilising your time properly and getting the work you should get done, done. If it is obvious you’re not, you can change this.


6. Social media: scheduling

Social media is a great way to market yourself even when you’re still in the process of writing. If you want to update your social media on a certain day but know you will run out of time; schedule it.


7. Timelines

Timelines of what work you need to complete, what work you have completed, any activities you have that means you can’t write, etc. will help you see how to properly balance your work between personal life.


Keeping organised as an author is essential. An organised work environment and lifestyle makes for an organised book.

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