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Content comes in many different forms. Whatever form it takes, your job when writing the content is to ensure it’s compelling enough to get your audience’s attention.

The headline, or the first few words, are always the most important elements. They’re the deciding elements; readers will decide if the content seems relevant and interesting enough, and if it is they’ll click and continue reading. As a content creator, you're going to want to continuously increase your content engagement and bring in new, wider audiences. But how do you do this?


The higher quality of content, the higher the levels of engagement


Use the curiosity gap

You may not realise it, but we all experience curiosity in two different ways. Perceptual curiosity is wanting to understand something strange or puzzling, and epistemic curiosity is wanting to learn something new.

The curiosity gap is the gap between what we know and what we would like to know. Utilising this gap means to give your audience just enough so that they understand what you’re talking about but also want to continue reading. Effectively, it’s about getting your headline or first sentence within this curiosity gap and make your readers want to continue reading to fulfil the gap.


Evoke urgency

People do not like the feeling that they’re missing out on something. It’s within human nature to place value onto things / experiences that can be seen as rare.

As a content writer, you can evoke these feelings using words. You have the power to make readers feel they are missing out on something if they don’t take a certain action. The more urgency you inject into a headline or opening sentence, the more reactions you’re going to receive simply because people do not want to miss out on something.


Be surprising

The more genuinely surprising your content is, the more attention you’re going to gain. It’s known that readers go through an “involuntary mental sequence” when they’re surprised which then tells the readers they must pay attention and read the content.

Knowing this, you should always make an attempt to make every piece of content you write; surprising. Making your content surprising and exciting not only adds something new to your strategy, but it makes you stick out from the crowd and appear individualistic and unique.


Ask a question

Questions are a great way to gain more attention and engagement; as people want to know the answer. They want to understand the concept of the question and so will ultimately decide to continue reading through your use of a thought provoking question.

Some of the best questions will force readers to think, whether it be about their behaviour, personality, their reality, and so on. Making them think about these factors will further inject emotion and emotion works. The more emotion you can instil, the more readers you’re going to impact.


To increase engagement, your content needs to be entertaining, valuable and unique


When you’re writing content, you’re writing it in hopes of getting clicks and engagement. However, these results don’t always come easily. To increase your content engagement, you really need to deliver interesting and exciting content, that adds value to peoples lives.

Your content needs to persuade people to read it. To make it persuasive, it’s all about making the first sentence or the title engaging. People tend to scan text and content; so it’s more important than ever to grab their attention and interest straight away. You need to make it so those who read the first sentence or title feel the need to continue reading.


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