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More often than not, books can get lost in a sea of other books. To improve your book sales, you have to experiment and learn what works most effectively for you. You want your book to be seen by more people, but not everyone can do this task in the same way.

However, there are some generics that will help you to improve your book sales...


Owning a website

When you’ve got a website, you have more of a chance of being seen by a wider audience. Your website is where you will sell yourself, and your book. On your author's website, you tell your potential visitors more about yourself and let them get to know you. You allow people to understand you more and see more of your personality. 

As well as all this, when you’ve got a website, you must optimise it. When you optimise your website with keywords, search engine crawlers will rank your website in terms of relevance and rank you higher in search engine results for said keywords. Alongside this, you need your overall website to be attractive, engaging and eye-catching. You need to update your website constantly and determine what works best for your audience.


To improve your book sales, you need to alter your strategy and experiment 


Getting more reviews

Reviews are social proof. They’re, essentially, proof that other people have enjoyed and read your book. Reviews allow people to see if others have enjoyed your book and whether it’s worth reading.

If they see good reviews, it will automatically build up a positive image of your work. Good reviews can often make people feel as though they’re missing out and they need to be involved. This sense of urgency is simply all created by getting good reviews.


Guest Blogging

This may not directly improve your book sales, but it will improve website visitors and views. If you share your knowledge and expertise with a whole new audience, then this new audience may find their way back to your website and take an interest. Without guest blogging, you may never reach this audience - yet it could be a useful audience that actually do take an interest in your work. 

Blogging, overall will improve the perception people have of you. People will see your knowledge and feel that they can trust you. The more people trust you, the more chance you have of people taking an interest in you and purchasing your work.


There are so many more actions you can take to improve your book sales, whether they be through organic or direct marketing. We discussed more ways over on our Marketing Hub, free for all subscribers of Tickety Boo Ink!


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