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Pictures speak a thousand words. Good imagery is enough to provoke emotion and make people feel something. Without imagery, your author's website can be seen as very static and flat. You want your website to be dynamic, interactive and engaging; but it cannot be achieved without images.

However, there are a few aspects you need to keep in mind when finding imagery for your author's website.


Making sure they're high quality

This goes without saying; your images need to be of high quality. They need to be the highest quality you can possibly get them. If your images aren’t high quality, your website is going to look unprofessional and disorderly. 

Images that are blurry, pixelated, wrongly sized, etc. simply give off the impression that the whole of the website is low quality, as well as the owner of the website being careless about their website. You need to prove to your website visitors that your website, along with your images, is of high quality and that a large amount of work went into the making of the website.

The higher the quality of your website, the better the perception of you will be. People make judgements on the owner of the website through the website itself; so it’s important to make it the best quality you can.  


Imagery will make your website come to life


Target audience

Target audience can also affect your choice of imagery. Having a deep understanding of your target audience will help you tailor your website, images included, towards these people. This understanding will include elements such as interests, behaviour, demographics; until you get into the smaller, more in depth details that allow you to make decisions on imagery. 

The more you know about your audience and / or target audience, the more you're going to understand about what content will appeal to them the most. You need to understand their interests and incorporate this into your imagery strategy on your website to ensure your target audience are engaged by the imagery you use.


Be real 

You want your website visitors to feel something when they see your imagery. People like to see representations of real emotions; it shows you put thought into the images and chose them for a reason.

For your author’s website, it’s easier than ever to use real imagery. It can be a good idea to perhaps use images of yourself; to add a face to the name. This most definitely shows real emotion and authentic imagery.

Focussing on real emotions and real imagery shows you really are genuine and authentic. It makes your website a lot more sentimental and sincere.


Getting your imagery for your author's website perfect is absolutely essential. You need to remember who you're targeting, what they enjoy and what will appeal to them. You can always experiment beforehand with imagery to determine what gets the best responses. Another good way to gain inspiration of imagery is looking at websites in a similar niche to yours and seeing their image strategy. We discuss more about the imagery for your author's website here on our Marketing Hub, free for subscribers of Tickety Boo Ink only.  


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