How to Write Your Memoir


When writing a memoir, you want your readers to live it; just like you did.

So how do you keep your readers glued to the page and living your memoir? Here's how to write your memoir! 


Relive the experience

One of the best things to do before you write your memoir is to relive the experience you’re writing about. You need to be conscious of what those experiences looked, felt and sounded like when you were living them. Start with a list of the memories you’re planning to write about; write questions about all the details and make sure you delve as deep as you can into the memories. In order to remember vividly what happened you need to isolate yourself and simply let yourself remember exactly what happened. This includes what it looked like, who said what, how you felt, and much more.


Re-create it

After you’ve managed to relive it; write it! You’ve re-created your memories in your brain, now recreate them on paper/computer. You’ll need to consider all the techniques you’re going to use when writing; but it’s best to write what you can, when you can and then perfect it. Set yourself daily goals and regular times, and be sure to discipline yourself. You need to think about your readers and how they’ll read it; having it in first person means they’re reading it now.


You need to bring your memoir to life


Use all your senses

Best writers will create vivid, new worlds for the readers. These vivid descriptions help the readers feel they are living the story alongside you. You need to add a lot of details and use all the senses you can to the best of your ability. Your descriptions need to come alive on the page and make the readers feel they are actually there; not reading it.


Be sporadic in your writing

Try not to begin your memoir from the beginning. Don’t tell it chronologically; have a good beginning that hooks readers in straight away. A good beginning is a teaser of what’s to come, not telling them what’s going to happen straight away.


Your memoir needs to be interesting, vivid and clear. It needs to show who you are as a person, why the ‘life event’ happened and how it affected you at the time. To write your memoir means to bring your story to life.


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